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Bonefish on the fly?… Let It Roll

New Flatswalker / Fish-Bones film. The dude doing all the talking/singing/thumbs-upping is your’s truly, Mr. WindKnot. Other than that, it’s sort of self explanatory. Enjoy.

(And also, vimeo rocks. Fe’ reel, dred.)

(PS Wow, has technology come a long way; that 2009 Andros vid looks like it was shot on my phone… a 2005 Nokia something… max resolution: roughly the size of a postage stamp.)

(PPS What’s a postage stamp? Google it.)

Andros, How I Miss Thee…

…and thy monster bonies. True story. Ye are all witnesses thereof. Yaaar.

BIG WIND. BIG FISH. (life is good) from Davin Ebanks on Vimeo.

From our 2009 excursion. I’m assuming that fish is a few pounds bigger now… food for thought.

Return of the Flats Bandito

The flats bandit returns to the beach to snag some bones. But the wind is up and the fish are biting shy (so he claims), and his line ties itself into unreasonable knots at the fish’s request. (Talk about your wind knots!) What is this and what will be the answer?

Tunes: Fat Freddy’s Drop, This Room

Silver is coming…

Apropos of my upcoming trip to the Keys, I’ve decided to try something new: trailers for my life. That’s right; they’ll be just like actual trailers–short, sweet, and nothing like (and mostly better than) the real thing. Here’s one for tarpon fishing.

A short clip of “Silver” a (2-3 part?) series film about chasing tarpon, bonefish, and permit on the flats. This first clip highlights a little Keys tarpon fishing with the boys.

Tunes: Scott H. Biram, “Blood, Sweat, and Murder”

Fly Tyer’s Bench, Session #1: The Bonecrusher

A little clip of how to tie Larry Dahlberg’s Bonecrusher, a very effective bonefish fly. Read more about it the fly here: bonefishonthebrain.com.

Review: “Taming the Wind”

I’ve never done this, but couldn’t help it. The film in question is just a sweet, sweet video that I had to do a review on what I’ve learned in a just a few practice sessions.

Below is my video review of the fly casting DVD “Taming the Wind: Prescott Smith Reveals His Secrets & New Techniques for Casting Into the Wind.”

A breakdown of the basic techniques covered in Mr. Smith’s instructional DVD, and the benefits of this revolutionary casting style. Though this DVD has been out for a while, I’d heard very little about it. So, I bought it, watched it, studied it, practiced the techniques, and used it to help teach a brand new fly caster. Guess what: IT WORKS! I really wish I’d found this DVD years ago. I KNOW I’d have gotten better faster.

Even though I cover some basic stuff in it, there’s plenty more there, trust me. Do yourself a favor and find a copy. Doesn’t matter where we are–the river, the lake, the beach, or on the flats–the wind is our biggest challenge…rise to the challenge with the movie.


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