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Andros, How I Miss Thee…

…and thy monster bonies. True story. Ye are all witnesses thereof. Yaaar.

BIG WIND. BIG FISH. (life is good) from Davin Ebanks on Vimeo.

From our 2009 excursion. I’m assuming that fish is a few pounds bigger now… food for thought.

“Smooth”… That’s How It’s Done.

The word for today is “Smooth”.

Definition: How Charlie Neymour wants you to cast.



This reminds me of my last trip to Andros and a lunchtime casting demo with Charlie. I’d come to think of myself as somewhat of a badass caster over the last couple days—with some reason given the conditions we’d been catching bonefish in. However, Charlie put a stop to that with his first backcast, his first smooth, effortless, gravity-defying, wind-cheating backcast. Bloody hell.

Ri-dic-u-lous Bonefishing Video: Andros, Bahamas

Big Bonefish with Big Charlie from Davin Ebanks on Vimeo.

We recently made a (much too short) pilgramage to Andros, Bahamas to fish big bones with Big Charlie Neymour. Blowin’ like 25-30 (knots) the whole time but Charlie just said, “Bad weather: big fish.” “Kaaay…” we answered. Nothin’ for it but to grab Pancho (the 9-weight), throw on a #10 line, a short 20-lb leader, and the strongest hook I could find. It was ON… and luckily we brought the video camera.

I’d like to echo the sentiments of the bonefishing saint who turned me onto this place: “If I had one more day to fish, it would be the North Bight with Big Charlie.” That’s a recipe for dying happy right there.

For more pics, verbage, and whatnot on this amazing island and fishery check out www.bigcharlieandros.net, and if you go tell ’em Ebanks sent you.

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