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Cayman Video: Just Below the Surface

Just Below the Surface from joel jefferson on Vimeo.

Cayman Fly Fishing Video by 345onthefly

My good buddy 345onthefly posts these vids occasionally to chronicle his ongoing pursuit of the the flats species around the Cayman Islands. Yours Truly makes a guest appearance channeling some kind of skinny island version of The Anchorman.


Caymanian Fly Fishing Video

Caymanian Fly Fishing from joel jefferson on Vimeo.

Cayman Fly Fishing on Vimeo


This film documents a good friend of mine’s journey in fly fishing starting in October 2012 to date. I know, he can fish that well already. Sigh…

Bonefish on the fly?… Let It Roll

New Flatswalker / Fish-Bones film. The dude doing all the talking/singing/thumbs-upping is your’s truly, Mr. WindKnot. Other than that, it’s sort of self¬†explanatory.¬†Enjoy.

(And also, vimeo rocks. Fe’ reel, dred.)

(PS Wow, has technology come a long way; that 2009 Andros vid looks like it was shot on my phone… a 2005 Nokia something… max resolution: roughly the size of a postage stamp.)

(PPS What’s a postage stamp? Google it.)

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