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Swag, [‘swaeg] n: goods acquired by unlawful means.
You know, as in pirate spoils, booty, loot. As in, “our hull be burstin’ wit’ swag…”. As in, pretty sweet stuff pilfered, “borrowed”, or “I swear I just found it laying there, officer.” As in, “I couldn’t resist, mate.”

Dreada dan Dread, [‘dreda dan ‘dred] (slang) adj: badass, amazingly awsome, simply very cool shiznit.
Caribbean slang term. Logic goes something like this: rastas (dudes with dreadlocks) are pretty cool right, they don’t just wear dreads but are pretty “dread” themselves. Not dread as in scary or fear inspiring, but more like someone from Boston may use the term “wicked”, as in that’s a wicked sweet boat/ride/rod/reels/fish/etc. Or, “dat is a dread fly, man; dem bones naw’ a pass dat!”

Cris’, still, [‘kris ‘stil] (slang, der. of ‘crisp’) adj: notably sharp, clean-cut, and clear; deftly and powerfully executed.
Pretty much the same thing as the above term, but with a noticeably less organic or earthy feel and the addition of the word still implies that it always was… sort of like a Minnesotan might use the word yet. “Dat reel is cris’, still.”

Fly Fish [‘flI-“fi-sh] int. v. fly fishing, fly fished, fly fishes:  to hunt fish with string. (Preferably very expensive string, attached to an even more expensive spool and wielded with a stick worth more than both put together.) “I’d sure love to go fly fishing today, but instead I’m stuck in my cubicle reading this stupid blog.”

Interesting [intruh-sting]  adj.: engaging or exciting and holding the atten… blah, blablah-blah, blah. Ok, what we do here, that’s interesting. Definitions? Not interesting… unless we wrote them… then, yes. “Ah, what an interesting fly/hat/website/roughneck-skiff you have there.”

Double-Haul [duhbuhl – hawl] n. v.: 1 a fly-casting term: A pull with the line hand on both forward and back strokes. 2 A mythical act never actually seen on the water, often referred to by guides as an excuse for their client’s failing to catch fish. “Man, if he could a jest double-hawled another 20 feet into that little 19-knot breeze, we would a caught fish, bro.”

Back Cast [bak´kåst`]n. v.: 1 a fly-casting term: The rearwards movement of the rod and line, also called the Sweep (roll/spey terms). 2 Anything which brings misfortune upon one, or causes failure in an effort or enterprise; a reverse. 3 An act all trout-anglers everywhere believe to be extraneous to proper fly casting, particularly when on vacation and trying to catch a bonefish, tarpon, or (in the case of DIY anglers) mullet. See previous def. (3). “Sir, please back-cast: you’ve got to back before you can go forward.” “Back cast? Is that like a double-haul? I’ve heard about that: some kind of zen thing, right?” “Yah… some kine a zen t’ing… see de bonefish de.”

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