Yup, that's me failing to catch bonefish in Roatan, Honduras... pretty sweet.

Yup, that’s me mostly failing to catch bonefish in Raotan, Honduras… pretty sweet.

A Saltwater Fly Fishing Guide Blog

Here are the rantings, musing, and general pontificating of me—Davin Ebanks (a.k.a. Windknot): a sometimes marginally self-employed fly fishing bonefish guide who hails from the tiny rock euphemistically titled “Grand” Cayman Island, of the former British West Indies1. A glass-sculptor by trade, by inclination I pursue bonefish, tarpon, and permit (and, frankly, any other finny quarry) wherever they can be found with a fly rod… as time and finances warrant. (Which, as you’d imagine, is not nearly enough in either case.)

The Writing

Divided into two main categories—Fresh Mud and Old Scratch—this writing consists of journal entries from my fishing and travel logs. The former (Fresh Mud) are fresh current entries of recent flats fly fishing nonsense, journeys I’ve taken (which may or may not have included fly fishing, but almost certainly included thinking about it), the changing life of a Cayman Islander or just general thoughts on fly fishing as a sport.

Old Scratch is from my old fly fishing journals kept during the rather extended novice period of my fly fishing journey seen through the lens of a Caymanian living on the cusp of dramatic change to our traditional subsistence lifestyle. Think of it as time-travel, with commentary.

Theses entries come with two dates, one of the date the entry was published on this blog, and the other denoting the date the original journal entry was written. It seems fitting that such writings should be translated to a medium that is itself fuzzy about time and place.


Conservation News, Humour, Videos, Reviews and general awesomeness (including The Most Interesting Guide in the World) sometimes only tangentially related to fly fishing (in the sense that all of Life is related). The only real locus here is fishing and the marine environment. You’ll occasionally find props to other cool blogs, etc. There’s no order here, so no worries.

Here you’ll also find posts by the other Contributors to this blog, edited by yours truly. Good stuff.

No Fish Porn Here

The Perfect Trio: Fly tackle, lager, bock. In that order.What you won’t find here are long scrolls filled with pics of dripping fish and frozen, I’m-awesome-n-fly-fishing-is-extreme grinning anglers. If that’s what you want you should look elsewhere. The photographs that often head my words are meant to be evocative rather than illustrative in nature. Yes, I shot most of them on my various travels (except those in the Indian Ocean Chronicles) but I’m not an actual photographer. Writing’s hard enough.

1 Really, we are no longer part of the British West Indies. This is actually seen as a condescending term, recalling the bad-old-days of colonialism. I’ve always thought it added a little class and distinction to what’s otherwise just a little rock with palm trees. But, you know, whatever.

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    Living on Roatan for 17 yrs, I’ve done quite a bit of flyfishing and off shore fishing. But this year my wife and I went to Ambergris Cay Belize for 4 nights, wound up staying 13 nights. We’ve been 4 times this year and my son and I are going for 4 nights in Nov. Lots of bones,permit, and tarpon. The best fishing I’ve had in a long time. I like much better than Ascenion Bay in Mexico. Gunaja Honduras has great permit fishing. and Graham’s Place in Gunaja is perfect.
    My wife and I are going to Grand Cayman for our 30 anniversary next week and I’m looking for some good spots to fish on my own. Any suggestions

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    Sorry for putting this general question here rather than to you direct but I couldn’t see an email for you anywhere.

    I am writing something in the general area of a fish’s vulnerability to flies – both their ability to learn to avoid them through experience and more generally on any standing difference between individuals irrespective of their having seen a fly previously.

    There are a number of good studies in the scientific literature in this area and of course a host of opinions from the great and the good (and not so great and … etc) of fly fishing. The vast majority or examples (all in the scientific literature) come from freshwater.

    So my question is, are there destinations where the bonefish (for example) are harder to catch than other destinations? This might be either because they just are harder to catch for some arm-wavy reason or because pressure over the years has made them harder. At the back of my mind I feel I have read something about Andros having hard to catch bonefish and I am sure (again at the back of my sieve-like) Rangeley-Wilson said something about hard to catch bonefish. Unfortunately I can find no source to support or refute this idea. Do you have a feel for it?

    If you’re kind enough to feel like responding and it is easier just use the thhon.eccles email address.

    many thanks and best wishes


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