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Indian Ocean Chronicles: Day 100-N-Some, but Who’s Counting Anymore?

Things that Suck… & Don’t. Barjack the Angler Permitatious Flat Indian Ocean June 4, 2011 I am wrecked, this place

Indian Ocean Chronicles: Day Thirty-odd… and counting.

The Good, the Bad, & the Sunburned. Barjack the Angler Bonefish Bay Indian Ocean March 27, 2011 Preface No amount

Indian Ocean Chronicles: Day Thirtysomething…ish.

It Never Stops Barjack the Angler Short Pier, Long Beach Bay Indian Ocean March 29, 2011 Day thirtysomething, or whatever:

Indian Ocean Chronicles: Day XVII

12-Weights and Boats Barjack the Angler 12-weight Purgatory Reef Indian Ocean March 12, 2011 Day 17, So I’ve done a

The Indian Ocean Chronicles: Day XII (Call for Entries)

Blue Monday… please send flies to: IT1 Barjack the Angler NCTS FE DET Diego Garcia PSC 466 Box 8 FPO-AP

The Indian Ocean Chronicles: Day VIII

The Momentum is Fading Barjack the Angler Thunder Bay Indian Ocean March 4, 2011 Day VIII Yesterday I staked out

The Indian Ocean Chronicles: Day IV

How Not to Catch a GT Barjack the Angler Top-Secret Empty Flat Indian Ocean February 28, 2011 Day IV How

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