“We’ve Caught a Fish, Now We Can Leave”


With a couple of my old clients, I shared the sentiment that if we caught a fish in a location, we could move on and fish somewhere else.   It was always acknowledged with irony, since we knew staying where we were was an easy win.  But we’d also proved our point, and we didn’t want to punish the fish there.  Besides, I was much too anxious to want to see new (and even find) new spots, see how far we could take a little bit of success.

Does that sound counterproductive?  Does that mean we’ll catch fewer fish?

In the short run, yes.   In the long run, definitely not.

~ Marshall Cutchin over at Skiff Republic (unwittingly) weighs in on the DIY debate (in a tangential sort of way).

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    Digging the new logo, Davin. Looks sharp. Enjoying the mobile version on my tablet, too.

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      Thanks, Mat! Much appreciated. It felt like time for an upgrade to something a little more user-friendly. As for the logo, do you think folks would dig some decals? Was thinking about pairing the logo-type w/ some of the old saying that used to be on the header: “Until the last fly.” “Time to uplug.” “Two words: Out There.” “Just add lime.” “Be the fly.” etc. Thoughts?

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        Heck yeah. I mean, who doesn’t like decals? I like the “Just Add Lime.” It provides the tropical imagery.

        Funny enough, I just removed the decals from my fishwagon in preparation for fishwagon v2.0, hopefully coming in late 2013 or early 2014.

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