Witness the Revolution

The sky was filled with thick gray clouds that rolled into each other and glowed white and almost purple on the edges. It was cool and windy and the yellow sugar maple leaves stood out surprised from the deep green hemlocks. Frank was wearing a 12 thick red plaid shirt. He had missed a button so it was crooked. He stepped awkwardly into his olive green waders then strung up his rod…

Inside the Gerald Ford Museum and Library the large audience turned to look out the bank of windows and the cameras swung wildly around and on the phosphorescent analog live color images of the nation’s TV sets Nelson Rockefeller appeared in his translucent white underwear, tied squarely into the back of a twenty pound salmon.

~ Frank’s Inevitable Michigan, By Matthew Dunn
Pulp Fly: Vol. I

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    NICE! You going to pick some from the other stories too? I had fun doing that. Though it was tough deciding between the squiggly sparkler lines and the piano holes…

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      Yeah, I like the piano holes… a little nod to Tom McGuane’s original tarpon story published in Sports Illustrated forever ago. The reference was edited from his anthology The Longest Silence, but I loved the way he compared a tarpon to a Steinway piano. Good stuff.

      And, yes, I am going to pick from other stories.

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