GeoFish: MEXICO trailer

The mission at MOTIV Fishing is simple: Create a new genre of fishing media that is appealing not only to fly fishing and conventional sport fishing enthusiasts, but also inspiring and captivating to general audiences, fishermen and non-fishermen alike.

I really hate these guys.

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  • Andrew

    Unreal video…saw the trailer a year ago and get pumped up watching it everytime I see it. Looks like an incredible documentary and hopefully will come out soon. Should ask my buddies over at Costa and see if they know anything

  • Reply

    These guys make great flicks. I saw the trailer for this at the FFFT last year and I was psyched to watch it. Seems like it was supposed to air on the Nat Geo channel this year but that never materialized.

    Any idea how/when it will be released? No doubt it will be epic.

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