Bad Things At Boca Grand Pass

Dead Tarpon: Scene from Save Boca Grand Tarpon videoApropos of an upcoming trip to The Keys for tarpon, I’ve been (weirdly) thinking a lot about tarpon recently. I was alerted to this by Nate Dubya, a sometimes contributor of fishy goodness to this blog.

I know it’s longish, but it’s not just some random fish porn youtubery, this is serious stuff here. Hope it makes you as sick as it did me… in fact, I’m thinking round up the troops for a road trip, rent some jet skis and blast that place armed with those offshore quick-release cutoff tools. Sure, we’d get our assess handed to us, but only after a pretty sweet chase. If you’re on board drop a comment in the box below.

Watch. Learn. Act.

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  • Bonefisherdave

    Shocking! human greed decimating what nature gives. It’s simple get a ban on those jigs, ban gaffing, ban removal of the fish from the water, find a safer way of weighing/estimating (measure?), restrict the number of participants in the tournament.

    Any angler who thinks they caught a fish when it was hooked outside the mouth has no morals and is cheating themselves, for glory in front of others.

    I’ve been to Boca, fished off the beach with fly rod and it’s a wonderful place. I knew about the massive fish to be caught in the pass but I had no idea it was such a circus. The tournement organisers aught to be ashamed.

    I sincerely hope common sense prevails and this madness gets stopped.

    • Reply

      Me too. I wish the authors of the vid had left some clue as to how those of us who care can get involved and make a difference. I emailed the Boca Grand Guide Assoc, but got not response. I also emailed the tournament folks and told them off pertty good… for all the use that will do.

  • Reply

    I have actually fished there many times. The Boca Grande Fishing Guides Association has been trying for many years to ban the use of those snagging jigs because they really do cause carnage.

    The most ethical pass guides–like the one I regularly fished with– not only use nothing but live crabs, they use the boat to limit the fight so the fish can be released fairly quickly, and they NEVER take the fish out of the water. (There’s also a fly fishery there outside of the pass where the guides use ethical practices.)

    Those jiggers are just leaving a trail of ripped flesh in their wakes.

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      Glad to hear you’re onboard, Pete. Since you’ve been there and know the layout you’ll be team-leader for Alpha team. You’ll also be recon… if you’re captured you know what to do.

  • Reply

    Right on. The Pro Tarpon Tour is a disgrace. Florida’s FWC should eliminate kill tags.

    • Reply

      I agree, though those are two separate issues. The whole concept of simply snagging a fish is bad enough — I think we can all agree that’s not actually fishing — but to then drag them through the water by their jaw. Incredible douchbaggery. Incredible!

      Anyways, thanks for the comment. I’ll count you in on operation “Quick Release”.

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