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9-Weight + Running = Big Bluefin Trevally

Wading with Sharks, and Other Fun Things.

Barjack the Angler
Bluefin Flat
Indian Ocean
April 3, 2011

Heat Exhaustion, The Cuda, and Blue Water.

Feeling euphoric after the 10 mile bike ride and now it’s time to wade. Almost immediately I hook a monster cuda only to get one blazing run, a single jump, and it shakes the fly [1]. I’ll get him next time; they are territorial and I’m a stalker! Walking along I find an area where it goes from reef to deep blue. Gotta say, standing in ankle deep water looking into blue water is daunting.

Act I:
Hook Failure.

 Wading along I see some trevally—Golden’s, nice ones. I cast and they circle. One eats and makes a nice run. I get him half way back, he turns and the hook pulls. Check fly: point sharp, eyes straight, looks good. More Golden. I cast, hook up, and same result!

I should change flies.

Another pod is coming straight at me so I cast, get bit, and the hook snaps at the bend!


They must have heard that echo in India… wonder if it translates.

Ok, new fly. Go with a Kung-Fu crab; they have a stout hook.

Of course, now there are no fish around, the tide is rising and I’m running low on water. Finally I see a bonefish. It’s a decent one so I toss it out there and hook up. It makes a run and off to the left I see a big shark. I loosen the drag and throw slack. The bone stops dead and the shark swims on. I renew pressure and run into the beach, lock down the drag, and work him in. Damn, 20lb test is no joke! I glance back at the shark and with it are two monster Bluefin Trevally! I horse the bone in release him examine the fly all is good. Like any good jack the BFT flank the shark, which is easy to see as I run down the beach, line dragging and catching everything possible. I get ahead of them and lung into waist-deep water less then 100 feet from a big shark. I’m casting. Nothing. Wade out and run ahead. Cast. Cast. Run some more. This time I get a good angle and hook up! The fish burns off for the reef I lock down the drag and… 3,2,1: slack line. The hook opened wide [2].


Act II:
Why 9 is Better than 7… and Jonas was Right.

The fish explode away from me and disappear. The tide is high so I walk the beach and sure enough I see another shark flanked by BFT. Wade out hook a smallish one, release it and catch back up to the shark. I have on a big orange Pugalsi Crab pattern and the bigger BFT will follow but not eat. They look and ignore, but as I’m stripping back in a small pompano eats it and all the BFT go nuts and rush it.

Ok,  I could pop this little guy out of the water and release him, or

As the biggest BFT is swimming away with my fly and that poor little fella in his mouth I jab with the rod a few good times! The 9-weight pays off as put the wood to the fish. It weighed in at just over 12 pounds.

Jonas, you were right. Bait fishing pays big dividends.

No amount of preparation can get you ready for this place. I gotta head home and tie up more crabs on the smallest, strongest hooks I have.


Rethinking live bait,
Barjack the Angler
1 Nate, remember that one I hooked with you and Darin? This one was bigger. [back]
2 Ok, I know I’m going to eat crow on the whole hooks debacle so let me just come out and say that I’ve caved and ordered a bunch of Mustad Signature Saltwater hooks. Ok. Fine. I said it. [back]

*Indian Ocean Chronicles
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