Pulp Fly, Vol. 1 coming to Kindle

Pulp Fly: Vol.1Introducing PULP FLY: Fly-fishing’s new voices release a compelling e-book anthology.

April 1st; mark that date on your calendar. That is when Pulp Fly: Vol. 1 goes live on Amazon’s Kindle. (Yup, April Fool’s Day, no kidding!) The line up of authors come from several different corners of the web, including yours truly, Mr. WindKnot. Yup, I will soon be a “published” author. The project itself is the brain child of one Bjorn over at BonefishOnTheBrain.

Price: $4.95, or about what a designer laté costs at your favorite over-priced yuppy coffee house.

Other e-reader formats to follow soon.  And, just in case you didn’t know, you can download and read ebooks on your computer with the free Kindle app. So no excuses.

The title plays on the pulp fiction phenomenon of the early 20th century, when an explosion of periodicals published on cheap paper brought new and unconventional voices to a wide audience. History is being repeated in the 21st century with the advent of the e-book, an inexpensive way to bring new authors to “print.”

Kirk Deeter, a widely respected angler and outdoorsman, wrote the foreword for Pulp Fly: Volume One. Kirk has a foot in both the on-line and ink/paper worlds as Co-Author of The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing and Editor-at-Large of the outdoors magazine Field & Stream. He had this to say:

In leafing through the pages… well, actually punching buttons to turn pages… I was impressed by the eclectic array of emotion and subject matter. From a candid muse on the “blood sport” appeal of fishing, to a witty essay on the “metamorphosis” of the fly angler, it’s all very gritty, honest, and entertaining work. And I’m pretty sure this “book” contains the first piece in the history of fly fishing writing to include Jai alai as a story element… which might be one of the few genuine “firsts” to happen in fly fishing writing in about 30 years.”

Whatever that means.

THE LINEUP for this inaugural edition:

Bartholdt, Ralph

Cerveniak, Alex

Dunn, Matt

Ebanks, Davin

Gracie, Michael

Landeen, Alex

Pete McDonald

Smithhammer, Bruce

Smythe, Matt

Stromness, Bjorn

White, Bob

For more info, author bios, etc visit the website. Also: Pulp Fly facebook page.

Pulp Fly is a Colorado based corporation established to create opportunities to publish fly fishing anthologies from new and emerging authors with a focus on the writers and stories coming from the fly fishing blogosphere.

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    I’m not even going to take it personally that your story is better than mine.

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      That is a matter of opinion, my friend… and also means that you’ve actually read it! Nice. A reader… the first of many, I hope!

      Yeah, I’m trying to work out how to put the same circuitous feeling/concept into a video… still thinking about that one.

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