Bonefish on the fly?… Let It Roll

New Flatswalker / Fish-Bones film. The dude doing all the talking/singing/thumbs-upping is your’s truly, Mr. WindKnot. Other than that, it’s sort of self explanatory. Enjoy.

(And also, vimeo rocks. Fe’ reel, dred.)

(PS Wow, has technology come a long way; that 2009 Andros vid looks like it was shot on my phone… a 2005 Nokia something… max resolution: roughly the size of a postage stamp.)

(PPS What’s a postage stamp? Google it.)

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  • Carson Ware

    Please make more videos like this !!!

  • rob

    been following your blog ever since Icame back from my first trip to the caymans……
    Snorkling from shore…. i figured…’ya know… that sure looked like a bonefish……’

    Damn. Gotta get back there with rod in hand.

    Great posts, excellent video.

    I live in Alberta Canada, right smack in the mountians…. I grafted a fly rod onto my arm as a child so i wouldn’t waste time looking for gear. We should swap lies when Itry to get out there again.

  • Reply

    It probably won’t surprise you to hear I love this.

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