Guides Can Bonefish Too

While his clients have lunch Andros Bonefish Guide Alvin Greene hooks a bonefish. Nice.

*TV-MA (strong language)

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    Ah yes, the fatal guide mistake- if you were fishing here it could very well could be the only one your dude hooked all day..

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      I know, Capt. I know. That’s why I never fish and when I’m demonstrating casting always cast where I KNOW fish aren’t… especially on a tough day. I made those mistakes early in my career — “Ok, so you strip like this… damn, fish on. Here, no, take the rod fight it!”

      The client sadly reels in the fish feeling like a complete failure. No joy, no celebration; might as well have been soaking a bobber drinking beer.

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    Great Video. I just returned from the middle bight, and had the pleasure of having Alvin as my guide for several days! Sounds like you had a windy trip as well. Feel free to check out our pics as well!

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      Thanks for dropping by. Just clicked through to your blog. Good stuff over there. Will add you to my little links page. Props.

      PS You’ve got my link as flatswalkercom (no “dot”) on your page. Please fix? Thanks and tight lines!

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    […] I saw this video posted up at Flatswalker. […]

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