Tarpon and… Orvis?

Ok, so here’s another gratuitous, lazy-@$$ video post. It’s time. Tight video. Amazing fish. And no, I do not want to go out and buy an Orvis reel now… not even a little bit.

Wonder what kind of rods they were “blowing up”? Just askin’.

Mirage Reel from SHALLOW WATER EXPEDITIONS on Vimeo.

(Promo for the Mirage reel shot and edited for Orvis.)

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    I’m ok with gratuitous, lazy-@$$ video posts once in a while.

    Might even sink so low as to do them on my site occasionally (*cough* especially if I’m in them *cough*)

    I, too, wonder if/how/why/which rods were blowing up, though…?

    Nuthin’ ‘gainst Orvis (except for their waders); just curious about the spontaneous self-combusting rods they spoke of…

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    Ha… I am a pretty positive person, despite plenty of reasons not to be.

    Having talked to Steve I just have an appreciation for him being pretty much exactly what he appears to be. He’s real and he’s a good guy. When I was just at the start of my marriage falling apart and I needed to get back to work, Steve helped to get me an offer at Orvis here in San Jose. I ended up not taking that job, opting for something that had more of the financial potential I need to take care of my little girl, but I would have gladly sold the Orvis stuff he’s been building.

    I had a couple Helios rods with me in Belize and loved them and I’ve fished the Mirage reel as well. They are putting some good products out these days and it is in part because they are bringing in guys like Steve.

    See, the story is a bit deeper than one might assume. He’s a good guy though. I can attest to that.

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    I love how positive you are, Bjorn. It inspires me to be a better, less judgmental, less pretentious person. This is also why I can’t do product reviews.

    You’re right, the reels look and sound great, and 3 seasons in the salt pulling on big tarpon is a pretty solid endorsement.

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    I’ve spent a bit of time talking to Steve. He’s a solid guy. Makes me respect Orvis, really.

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    Spanked heartily? I’d like to see you try it… but only if you’re a female, otherwise, no. 😉

  • WindKnotFollower

    Shiny reels… bum shots…his voice…the background music. Two words: Video [fish] porn.

    Tisk tisk.

    You need to be spanked heartily for such flith.

    PS. Cayman Tarpons would’ve kicked more a$$… just sayin.

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