Yelping With Cormac [What”s a “tumblr”?]

The man was silent for some time. Then he said that he had eaten such a taco and that it tasted of bootblack and horsefeed. That if this taco was under God’s dominion then surely all other great evils must be as well. And then the man took the halfeaten and greaseblackened taco from his coatpocket and thrust it at the priest like a broken sword. Eat it, he said. Eat it or be damned. More here…

Truly good stuff here from some guy named Carmac McCarthy, whom I probably should know and about whom a swift query of the interwebs would no doubt provide illucidation†. But I”d rather relish the mystery of a man leaves words on/in/upon a place called “tumblr”, a “place” somewhere out there in the ether for the lucky few to find and cherish, words that provide solace, and wisdom, and a the sudden smile of enlightenment.

On this day of Thanks and Giving, as you sit down to your free-range tofurkey, your sugar-free pumkin pie (topped with soy-foam,) and your organic mulled cider, think of those huddled masses joining the queue at the local drive-through. Be thankful. Enjoy.

† In point of fact this isn”t written by the “real” Cormac McCarthy at all, but by some dude titled EDW Lynch—which is probably a pseudonym—and is a social experiment to answer the burning question: What if Cormac McCarthy was on Yelp (whatever that is). The blurring of reality and fiction here is a little dizzying, but I”m sure we”re all pretty much used to that by now. As for who EDW Lynch is, Google him yourself.

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