DIY Bones… Somewhere in the Caribbean

Found the following over on ThisRiverIsWild. Not the sort of thing I usually post—swaggish vid posts—but I am legitimately jealous about this. Also, I wish to hell I knew where they were… and respect the hell out of them for not revealing that juicy bit of info.

Seeing the awesomeness of this particular post  you might wonder why I’ve not linked to these guys before. Well, I thought I had good reasons for that, but it turns out it was just my own prejudice and general delinquency. I honestly thought, “Shit, this is just fish porn” and, like regular porn, you might like it but probably wouldn’t link to it on your blog, even if your blog was about relationships and couples. (I did save them in my bookmarks, though.)

Ok, fine, so it’s not the deepest stuff out there, but these guys are actually out there, doing it, while the rest of us bloggers sit around trying to write poetry about it. (Ok, fine, not all of us just sit around, but I know I do, so I’m speaking for that segment of the blogosphere that I know anything about: me.)

The other reason that I didn’t link right away is that about the time I found them the became part of something called the flip flop nation, or fly flopping nation, or flip fish nation, or something. Pretty much not my thing, gotta say. Tons of back-slapping, lookihere, gen-me, x-treme sport types…. Um, new flash: fly fishing is not extreme, unless you’re a purist bastard who won’t fish with anything but a 3-weight bamboo rod and silk line for EVERYTHING. And even then “extreme” only refers to the extreme dumbassery of such an attitude.

But I digress; what I meant to say was these guys are awesome and generally rock the hell out of the whole DIY scene and I wish I was there, drinking warm beer, eating food that’s mostly bad for me, and catching the hell outa some Caribbean bones. So, please, won’t you join me in living vicariously.


DIY Bonefish from Mr. Erdosy on Vimeo.

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    I did a little sleuthing and I think…think…one of the brothers is based in BVI. I am not sure where exactly they are fishing, nor would I disclose that information were I aware of it.

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    I fully agree: good guys all. I’ve been (surreptitiously) hitting their blog for a while now, and posting comments to the effect of: “WTF! That $#!t’s awsome.” They are the real deal. No doubt. Legit. Also, like their blend of fresh and salt… but they can do that. I, sadly, can’t.

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    I love the vid and I’ve been digging on their blog now for a while. Good doods.

  • Rich g

    That and! Friggin phone.

  • Rich g

    . Um, new flash: fly fishing is not extreme,

    Indeed! I havnt watched the vid since I took a vow of abstinence when it comes to fishing films for exactly the reasons described above. That I’m typing on a phone so couldn’t if I wanted too. Yeah I’ll probably have a look later when in front of a pc but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one with a higher deep understanding of what fishing is all about. Or depending on the way you look at it not the only sad jealous bastard pining for the old days before it all became too big blah blah. And if I fall into the latter category (which I probably do) I go there alone as this blog proves the writer is firmly in the former. Great stuff as always. Please write a book! With no pictures. That’s the media format that this silly fishing game really works well with IMHO.

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