Trailer: “Itu’s Bones”


The making of a guide. Lovely to watch. This fella probably learned to bonefish in what, a few weeks? I wish there was medication I could take for jealousy… bloody natural fishermen.

Let me tell you friends, I have seen first hand photos from this place by actual, real world dudes holding these fish and they are HUGE. Monsterous. Mutant.


P.S. You think that broken hook (8:26) was a joke? Nah, that’s just bonefishing… when you use cheap-@$$ed hooks! Ye have been duly warned. Yaar.

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  • sensitive soul

    A friend of mine once told me that all drawings are perfect, while the page is blank and no marks have been made on it. Once the artist commits to placing a single mark on the page, every other line and mark is to correct and compensate for that original error. The more marks the artist makes, the less content they are with the drawing, because there are so many more errors to correct and compensate for. Finally the artist stops making marks, because they realize there is no way to salvage it. It is what it is, and no attempts to correct it will make it perfect again.

    Sometimes I wish I had left the page blank. Maybe someone finds what I have done to be beautiful, but I can’t stand to look at it. I will always know what it should have been, and cannot be.

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