Indian Ocean Chronicles: Day Thirty-odd… and counting.

Blue Coral Muncher: Indian Ocean Parrotfish

The Good, the Bad, & the Sunburned.

Barjack the Angler
Bonefish Bay
Indian Ocean
March 27, 2011


No amount of alcohol can undo what happened today, but I’ll try….Cheers!


Day 30-odd (and counting):

So I’ll skip to the highlight: I’m fishing along and hook a little bluefin trevally and next thing I know two Volkswagen Beatles are storming the beach, at first I thought they were sharks (had two close encounters today). Nope: two monster GT’s! I clamp down on my reel and am pulling like hell to break this fish off—figures, the one time I tie a decent leader. Eventually I snap him off, switch rods and strip out line just in time to drop the popper out in front of one of these monsters. I start stripping and the lead fish turns and follows as fast as I can strip. He glides up behind it, follows till the leader hit my tip, and explodes in a turn…………without my fly!?!? Next second I’m standing there out of breath, heart racing, one rod hanging off my back with the line wrapped every-which-way around it and me watching the fish of a lifetime swimming away.

It would have been interesting if he would have eaten since the reef was only 150 yards from the beach. Something would have broken, and I’m betting it wouldn’t have been his will.

A few minutes earlier: two fish come screaming in trying to eat some kind of blue coral-muncher fish that were in a huge school. Giant Trevally! One pushes so shallow he’s swimming on his side with his peck fin in the air! Surreal… I think I have to take a nice little sit down in the shade.

Even earlier: PERMIT! How many casts does it take to catch a permit? I went zero for 200 this weekend! I thought I saw a lot of permit yesterday. HA! Today I saw schools of 10-30, one after another, and the best I could do was get two follows. I tried small crabs, large crabs, light crabs, heavy ones, shrimp flies, clousers…. I think I came up with some new combinations for cursing. And some of them were pushing no less than 20 pounds. I want to say bigger, but they look to be narrower across the shoulders than some of the Caribbean variety.

Back at the bungalow: I have come to the conclusion wading ocean-side is gonna pay off eventually, and yes, there will pictures and the glory.

For now I must fold laundry, shower, eat, and replay today in my head a thousand times and try to figure out the deal with those permit. I know the answer for GT’s: streamers. I’ll be ready tomorrow!

P.S. The bones are always the day saver. Got one 6ish and saw bigger but was happy with him.Also got plenty in the 4 to 5 range. It’s funny: if it would have been two weeks ago I would have cast to every school I saw, today I would just walk through schools of 2-3 pounders.


Wading through bonefish,
Barjack the Angler

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  • Rich g

    Sorry don’t mean to spam here just doing this on a phone on a train with beer so can’t read and type at the same time. Yes streamers!! Poppers for blind fishing in surf maybe but I had a couple of shots at some manageable sized sighted fish recently and the popper almost seemed to spook them. No takes. And try something with loads of natural coloured bunny twitchy pulsey for the permit.

  • Rich g

    Oh and almost forgot cheers Look forward to the next update. Thanks for sharing this stuff. I hope you realise how lucky you are! And I hope you get your geet and indo permit soon too.

  • Rich g

    Yup ocean side for the win!! Ah man reading this has me buzzing on adrenaline reminiscing about a recent trip. Fishing ocean side about 100 yrds from the reef. 2 horendously big bulldozer dark gts suddenly appear head on and for once the 12 is in my hand. A pathetic 8 yard buck fever cast but one strip and they charge down the fly. Watch as a dustbin lid sized mouth gorges down the fly and my terrified left hand nervously strips to set the hook. Contact. Help. What have I done. 10 seconds and it all goes limp. A 4/0 varivas 2600 comes back at me completly crushed as if it’s been run over by a train. My fishing buddy turns and calmy says something along the lines of probably for the best as there is no hope ever of landing a bus like that this close to the reef. I have a nervous breakdown. Deep in my heart I know this to be true but it still haunts me deeply.

    Sorry carried away but yeah ocean side will eventually pay off IMO. Take strong hooks.

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