Fat Guys Fly Fish Too

I don’t usually go in for gratuitous posts that, in reality, are content from another site—and one that has next to nothing to do with salt water to boot. But, this was so well written I have to send a shout out to Alex at FatGuyFlyFishing and the post: Half Empty. Here’s an excerpt to whet your whistle:

He thought about his bucket of change; nickels, quarters, dimes and pennies – Maybe enough for a thousand miles of road if he rolled it himself. Eight hundred, if he dumped it in that green machine at Food City.

Go north, a small voice whispered in the cockles of his subconscious. It wasn’t enough and he knew it. Not enough to get where he wanted to go.

The shards of ice tinked in the bottom of his empty glass.
He stared out the small dusty window to the front yard.

The driveway needed to be swept.

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