How you know when you’ve “Arrived”…

… you get into a Dick Brown book! Ok, so a little pretentious braggadocio here: my favorite bonefish fly is in Dick Brown’s newly released Bonefish Fly Patterns (2nd Ed.). Unbelievable, right? What a way to start the day!

Ok, so here’s the (super boring) story. A few months ago I ran across Mr. Brown’s website and noticed he was in the midst of producing an updated (much needed, long awaited) edition of his Bonefish Fly Patterns. I can’t remember if there was a call for entries out or I just saw that it hadn’t actually been published yet, but either way I took a shot and emailed him a pic of The Usual. I think I said something pretentious like:

One fly that seemed missing from [the original] book was a shrimp fly that both acted and looked like a shrimp. I mean, there are some that really look like shrimp, but more like frozen shrimp. Then there are others that really act like shrimp, but might not stand up to a close examination by a picky bone.

Ok, that was word for word. I went on to say I had this awesome, amazing fly and that he should publish it in his new book. He responded right away:

We are pretty far along and I don’t know if the publisher would add another pattern at this point, but send me two samples at the address below and I’ll take a look at them.

Pretty generous, I thought. So, I whipped up a few samples, took some hi-rez images, and sent the lot off. That was that. I never heard another peep until this morning when, out of curiosity, I checked his site for the release date of the book. I mean, I’ve got flies that work but you can always use others and Mr. Brown has way more contacts than I do for those “secret” flies. Imagine my surprise when I saw my name under the list of new tiers and flies!

Anyways, the book is out now and if you’re a bonefisher or plan to become one this is a MUST HAVE for your fly-tying desk. Not only does it contain almost 200 patterns, but it describes how and where to fish them. It also has a TON of info about bonefish habitat, behavior, and food preferences as well as lots of tips and techniques.Hop over to your local fly shop and grab a copy, or hit Amazon… but they only have a few copies left so you’d better hurry.

See The Usual recipe and fishing notes here.

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