The War on Fish: The End of the Line, revisited.

We are fighting a war against fish, and we are… winning!

Remember this? Yeah, well, it’s still happening and it’s gotten worse since the film’s release in 2009. The facts:

  1. The global catch has been on the decline since 1989! (Even though the global fishing fleet continues to grow.)
  2. One billion people rely on fish as an important source of protein. ~ WWF
  3. Japan has caught $6 billion worth of illegal Southern Bluefin tuna over the past 20 years. ~ Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  4. The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) was mis-named, for it has never once taken scientific advice literally in its 40-year history. ~ Charles Clover, The Sunday Times.
  5. Over an eight-year period the EU bluefin tuna fishing industry received €34.5m in subsidies . (50.9 million dollars!) ~ The Sunday Times
  6. It only takes one per-cent (1%) of the world’s Industrial fishing fleet to account for 50 per-cent (50%) of the world’s catch. – CNN
  7. Fisheries scientist predict that seafood could potentially extinct in 2048.

Them are the facts, but they seem to be irrelevant to fisheries managers, politicians, and (unfortunately) consumers like me and you. Yes, YOU! Do you eat sushi? Is it Bluefin? Well, that’s pretty much like eating a snow leopard. Yep. Especially since scientists estimate that the Atlantic Bluefin population is now roughly one sixth of it’s historic level.

Do you know where you’re fish come from? At the supermarket? In a restaurant? Are they sustainable? It’s hard, right? But these are the times we live in and our apathy is the fish’s greatest enemy right now.

  1. Buy and watch this movie!
  2. Spread the word.
  3. Know where your fish come from.

Yep, just these three steps can be a HUGE help. OUR fish, OUR planet, and OUR oceans need it.

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