Indian Ocean Chronicles: Day Thirtysomething…ish.

Ahhh... shade.

It Never Stops

Barjack the Angler
Short Pier, Long Beach Bay
Indian Ocean
March 29, 2011

Day thirtysomething, or whatever:

I had to submit and walk back along the beach. After walking in the surf for two hours, being pounded like a porn queen by waves—not to mention the confusion of the whitewash and fear of sharks and stingrays—I had to admit that, yep, today is just another day of not knowing what a person that catches a GT feels like.

I did, however, find a new species. I was back at the short pier and saw tails from 100 yards away! Huge—I knew they weren’t the usual coral munchers! My spirits rose as I waded over and almost freaked when the tail that rose was larger than my two hands making shadow puppets… and my hands aren’t small. I cast……tail goes down, slow strip, come tight! All hell breaks loose; this fish took off so fast that I was still in the middle of my strip-strike before I knew he was gone. Open hook. Sadness… but the rest of them are still there, tailing away. This is gonna be easy. Well, not so much; I spent the next two and a half hours casting to tailing fish with nothing but refusals! I ran the gambit of flies again and again, but nothing.

As you might imagine, over a couple hours in crystal clear water I got a good look at them. They have the general shape of trevally and permit—basically jack-like fish—are white and have two, maybe three black dots center mass (just below the dorsal). But what are they? What do they eat? My guess crabs, but in the Indian Ocean do they have a particular kind they tend to like?
Oh yeah I did hook another… and I trouted it! Don’t be mad, I hate myself enough. My only consolation is that, just like yesterday, I’ll have tomorrows tide.

Still standing on the Short Pier,

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  • Reply

    Rich, Thanks for joining our little anti-fish-porn revolution here. As for the fish, I think you’re right and they’re golden trevally. We did a lot of fish-pic searching after this email came through and that seems to be the consensus. Of course, like you said, we won’t know for sure until we get pics.

  • Rich g

    First post / comment here and just have to say I love the blog. Keep it coming guys. Barjack I really really want to fish in your current hood oneday! Have made enquiries about getting there but it’s not straightforward for obvious reasons. Anyway I’ve been lucky enough to do 2 other Indian ocean flats systems and from your description it sounds like you were chasing 3 spot pompano? How big were these things? Either that or golden trevaly? Or maybe you have discovered some type of unknown location x type endemic permit! I doubt many people have chucked a fly there before so who knows? It’s your duty to get one and share a pic! Tight lines look forward to the next post. No pressure.


  • sensitive soul

    I really like this post from BarJack.. especially the descriptive first paragraph.. 🙂

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