Mission: Blue Voyage – Saving the Oceans

It sure is nice to hear some good news, FINALLY! Here’s a talk by Greg Stone, the marine biologist that helped found Phoenix Island Protected Area in the island nation of Kiribati. The most interesting and provocative part is around minute 13:20 where he discusses the shocking coral bleaching event that occurred and how quickly the coral recovered… because the reef had healthy fish populations.

Listen up Cayman, protect your reef fish, your tangs, your parrot fish, your angel fish, etc. These are the workforce that keep the reef clean! Remember that other TED talk How We Wrecked the Ocean that described the reefs at Discovery Bay, Jamaica—reefs lauded and studied for being some of the healthiest reefs in the world… until a single hurricane demolished them and (against all scientific predictions) they completely failed to recover, at all, ever. Remember for a second that hurricanes have been happening for, well, ever. And a reef—a large,healthy reef—should be able to bounce back from such an event, except for one thing: no fish. Like much of the near-shore waters in poorer countries, those reefs had been completely fished out. The result: disaster!

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