The Indian Ocean Chronicles: Day XII (Call for Entries)

A sunny day in the Indian Ocean... I love palmtrees.

Blue Monday… please send flies to:

IT1 Barjack the Angler
NCTS FE DET Diego Garcia
PSC 466 Box 8 
FPO-AP 96595-0008
March 7, 2011 [1]


Monday rolls around and blue skies! Where were they Friday thru Sunday as I logged just over 50 miles on the good ol’ single speed mountain bike? I got rained on the entire time, saw zero GT’s, caught a few bones, had another shot a a permit—she flashed on my fly but didn’t eat—and got rained on the entire time.

Today for PT we ran two miles, stopping every quarter-mile to do crunches and pushups. So after work just looking at the bike made my thighs burn and ass hurt (please no jokes!…too easy). I just walked from my room and fished. Of course it was the end of the high and I saw nada, I hope I’m not coming across as a Negative Nancy, I do love this place. I am however running low on energy so here goes the call for entries:

Send me flies! Any flies: off-white Usuals-a.k.a. “Bone Crack”, any kind of crabs, and preferably big streamers. The address is:

IT1 BarJack
NCTS FE DET Diego Garcia
PSC 466 Box 8
FPO-AP 96595-0008

I promise anyone that sends flies will be compensated for postage and gratuity for material, and, if the flies produce, a gleaming email that will be (eventually) posted on this blog. If they don’t produce I’ll just pretend I never received them and save us both the shame.

Wishing I’d tied more flies (on better hooks),


1 Ok, ok, you now know exactly where I am. Fine. Happy now? For those who’d already guessed, you win the first shot at sending me as many flies as you can tie… on the strongest hooks you can beg, borrow, or steal buy. For the rest of you, the consolation prize is exactly the same. Get tying. [back]

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