The Indian Ocean Chronicles: Day VIII

A Rainy Day at Thunder Bay

The Momentum is Fading

Barjack the Angler
Thunder Bay
Indian Ocean
March 4, 2011


Yesterday I staked out on a rock perch looking for GT’s for two and a half hours in the wind and rain… Why? What else do I have to do?

I was on a nice point in the lagoon with the tide going out—a rocky outcropping and a little lake in it. I have noticed that the GT’s I have seen all swim with the tide. Makes sense; they eat bonefish, which swim against the tide. So I’m looking, and looking, and looking then 15 feet in front of me 20 pounder swims by! Out of nowhere. I roll a cast out, line him, and he flashes left then right and disappears. I go to cast out in front of where I think he is, lose my footing, slip, do the splits, but don’t slide down the rock because was “lucky” enough to stop myself by gashing open the skin between my forefinger and middle finger on my right hand… which is, of course my stripping hand. I did have a big Golden Trevally and Grouper of some sort follow on blind casts, but all I had was the 12-weight and big ass flies.

Friday was solid clouds and showers: Got off early, packed up, grabbed my bike and was off. Every quatermile here they have it painted on the road, so you can gauge how much you hate yourself. I really hated myself today when I hit the nine mile mark. I hit six spots, spent hours staring at glared-off water for GT’s and saw a surprising zero! I did blind casting the 12 every five minutes or so, just to really tire myself out, so it was with a sinking hear that  I turned and headed back. It was incoming tide this afternoon—a 2.07 (and yeah that’s meters). The tides rip good here but I prefer the outgoing. All in all it was good recon for tomorrow.

On a brighter note we are only supposed to have solid cloud cover and showers till the 12th. What better way to weather a thunderstorm? Go to Thunder Bay! Got the low tide at 9:16am. Hope to grab breakfast and be on the water by 8. I’m reverting to bonefishing; the last four days I have been looking for GT’s and have seen a grand total of one. The evening outgoing will be for GT chasing, wait, did I say chasing, I meant standing and swearing. I have been working out some fish calls, a series of clicks and whistles… obviously I need to fine tune them a bit.
Tyler: I may need you to lay down some verse for me.

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