The Indian Ocean Chronicles: Day IV

Not-Quite-Paradise: No GT's and palm trees.

How Not to Catch a GT

Barjack the Angler
Top-Secret Empty Flat
Indian Ocean
February 28, 2011

Day IV

How to catch a Giant Trevally:

  1. Leave the bonefish rod at home.
  2. Stare at water till the sun goes down.

I figure that’s how it’s done, but I didn’t see any today. Got off work and had 2½ hours of light so I went to the short pier and scanned the water for a half hour. Nothing. I put on a repeat performance at the point, where the current rips so hard I almost got swept away. When I strip line out the current pulls it so tight I can barely get a cast off. I can’t use a stripping basket to hold the line ’cause I’m out waist-deep in the spot I expect the GT’s to be (which is also where people say they’ve seen them). Still nothing. I try another point. Nada.

I’m going to have to learn how to say ‘nothing’ in a few more languages just so my journal won’t sound so repetitive.

I’m still feeling my way through the regs here, and we are allowed to fish Oceanside after all.  A guy I worked with showed me a spot that looks awesome; he said he always sees GT’s there. Wednesday I get my bike shipped over and I’ll be pedaling toward that spot the moment it’s off the docks.

Waiting on Wednesday,

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    Davin, I thought I would totally surprise you and bless you with my usual torrent of useless information. Now you have several ways of telling me you don’t have any money to lend me. lol. As always, your friend and designated fishing story soundboard. Alvin

    niks = Afrikaans
    ?? ??? = arabic
    ????? = Armenian
    ???? = Bulgarian
    ?? = Chinese (traditional)
    ništa = Croation
    nic = Czech
    nihil = Latin
    niets =Dutch
    ?????? = Russian
    ??? = Hebrew
    ? = Japanese
    ingenting = Swedish
    rien = French
    walang anuman = Filipino
    nichts = German
    ?????? = Greek
    apa-apa = Indonesian
    niente = Italian
    ??? = Persian
    ??? ??? ???? = Urdu

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