“Smooth”… That’s How It’s Done.

The word for today is “Smooth”.

Definition: How Charlie Neymour wants you to cast.



This reminds me of my last trip to Andros and a lunchtime casting demo with Charlie. I’d come to think of myself as somewhat of a badass caster over the last couple days—with some reason given the conditions we’d been catching bonefish in. However, Charlie put a stop to that with his first backcast, his first smooth, effortless, gravity-defying, wind-cheating backcast. Bloody hell.

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  • Eric

    Bjorn, you may only get a few hot naked chicks in your life but there are lots and lots of bonefish out there! Hope you put a good showing in Cuba as you represent the US of A-get outside and practice those smooth casts!

  • sensitive soul

    Good word for the day…

  • Reply

    Amen, brother… time to move to the next echelon, that of being able to picture even not-that-hot-chicks naked… although, if you succeed, you may regret that.

    As for casting, if you can’t do, watch. There are things in our head called “mirror neurons”. You can see a brief (and somewhat pedestrian) explanation of them here: — jump forward to around 2:00 if you’re busy. That’s where it really starts to get interesting for folks who need to practice stuff, but can’t. You know, folks like vets with head trauma, stroke victims, or fly fishers who are snowed in.

    I thought this was pretty amazing and explains why Prescott Smith’s video is so effective at teaching. The whole video repeats (ad nauseum) the same basic casting and double-haul stroke. Sure he says different stuff about it, but the actual cast, the basics never change. Unlike other casting vids that jump around–ok, here’s a roll cast, here’s a basic 10-2 o’clock cast, here’s how you single haul, here’s the double haul, here’s a side-arm, etc.–Prescott’s hits the same cast the whole time, allowing you to soak up the goodness and maybe, just maybe, get some of those neurons firing yourself.

  • Reply

    Yes… a good reminder of exactly how much I have to learn.

    My wife was reading something that said it takes 10,000 hours of doing something become an expert at it. 10k hours of doing anything.

    The good news is that I’m an expert at picturing hot chicks naked.

    The bad news is that my casting has a long, long way to go.

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