Sweeeet Bonefishing Vid

This is what I’ve been thinking of recently. A couple years ago… wow! a couple YEARS… my Dad and I headed north to fish with Big Charlie at Big Charlie and Fatihas Fishing Lodge. Here’s a vid I just found that illustrates exactly why a bonefish guide and his father would travel hundreds of miles and pay good money to fish for—you guessed it—more bonefish.

After watching this I have to go search my diffordsguide to Cocktails for a Bahama Mama, which folks seem to want to make with Grenedine for some reason. Sickly sweet red-flavored syrup…why? The real recipe calls for a few dashes of Angostura Bitters instead, which gives this sweet drinks a lovely spicy edge as a compliment to all that sugar. However, the recipe above chooses to add Kahlúa coffee liqueur instead, which makes it more like the Bahamas Daiquiri in my diffords

… Ok, where were we? Oh, yes. Bonefishing videos. Enjoy.


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