Jay (Bug Beard the Terrible) & the Tarpon

Ok, I was searching through the sickly soup of YouTube for tarpon fishing—yes, I’m already pining for tarpon season—and found this. Ok, here we have some stupid $#!t—did I hear something about 3-x tippet in there?! But, I’m sure you’ll share my confliction over how sweet it also is. Nicely done.

(As an aside, I think this is the dude from that Metalhead DVD and also the author of one pretty sick post on catching bonefish. And he is definitely the beard behind the Graphite Samurai blog… which falls under the self-appointed heading of “fly fishing and time machines. a grammatical adventure”. This actually explains how he was able to nail a tarpon on his “first” cast: he has a freakin’ TIME MACHINE… can’t you read future grammer? That first cast was really like his 4-thousandth. And the 3-x tippet?… a futuristic flexible strand of transparent aluminium. Yup. Just like Star Trek n’ shyite.)

Seriously, though, sweet site. Here’s a  (“lazy-assed-you-tube”)post with the videographical proof. I gotta fish with Capt. Willie one day, dang it.

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