*The FLYOSOPHER cometh…

Enter Flyosophy Ok, ok. I’ve simply got to send a shout out to the blog: Flyosophy. The author–the so-called “Sean Juan” Murphy–runs (and I use the term loosely) a blog (again, loosely) that manages both occasional and prodigious output (or perhaps, throughput, is more accurate) on the subject of fly fishing… more or less. It is, I must say, hilarious, amusing and thought-provoking and the sheer spectacle of his rants will leave you breathless and wanting more. (Much like Mr. Maddox over at The Best Page in the Universe… which, if you aren’t familiar, you should be.)

The Flyosopher’s latest post lays out the 10 Commandments of fishing. If you fish, or are thinking about starting, click, read, take notes.

*Well, actually he’s been around for quite a while. How long? Check the archives on his site and see for yourself. Of course, he’s probably already written a philosophical answer to that question, but since this site doesn’t incorporate a search box anywhere, you’ll have to comb through the aforementioned storehouse of wisdom to find it.

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