(How to Tie) The Gotcha Clouser

Once again inspired by BOTB‘s upcoming epic adventure, I’ve decided to post on my favorite Andros fly. Ok, I realize posting a how-to for any type of Clouser Minnow is like posting how to put on your pants: anyone who’s interested already knows how. Right? Ok, fine, go read another blog… or get back to work.

If your wondering what that lovely stuff on the wings are, it’s Rainy’s Craft Fur, the original, the best. None of that select crap that tangles first cast. This stuff sinks fast, stays fluffy and has just the right mix of translucency and visibility. Perfect.

Step 1.

Level wind. Wrap eyes (these are recycled off a previously shredded fly). Add “belly” wing.


Step 2.

Flip. Add flash–gold, crystal, lots!


Step 3.

Add wing. Trim ends.


Step 4.

Secure. Whip-Finish. Repeat.


Step 5.

Mmmm… yummy.


Step 6.

Cut/Paste your head onto pics of HUGE bonefish.


Sip libation (in self-satisfied manner).

The End.

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    Whoa… THREE new posts in quick succession. I like it… I like it very much. I didn’t even know there was another kind of craft fur… now I have to find it.

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      Yup, there seem to be lots of different brands out there now, but I mostly hate them all… especially the extra-select crap. You’re good for like, 2-maybe 3 casts, then all you’ve got is a ball of tangled crap on a hook. I hear flyshops have been carrying the Derice stuff because it’s cheaper than Riany’s, but who know. All I know is I tie pretty much all my bonefish flies out of it… course, I freely admit the bones probably don’t care… when they’re biting they’d probably eat old shredded socks.

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