How We Wrecked The Ocean

I know, I know; I’m depressed by this too. But we still NEED to pay attention. Really.

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    […] angel fish, etc. These are the workforce that keep the reef clean! Remember that other TED talk How We Wrecked the Ocean that described the reefs at Discovery Bay, Jamaica—reefs lauded and studied for being some of the […]

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    I’ve been struggling with the onslaught of enviro demons that seem to keep popping up all over the place. In some cases, I almost cringe on clicking on some of this stuff because it’s just painful. If more of us were affected like it appears the fly fishing community is, the world would be a better place.

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    Yeah, it’s been crazy, stupid busy lately, but things have slowed down now. For a while there I simply didn’t have time, and I’ve been working on editing some more videos, so that takes most of my fishing/creative energy. No worries, though; still here.

  • sensitive soul

    He really puts things into perspective. I have been really upset about the oil – and to hear him talk I realize there are so many more things that are affecting the oceans.
    Yeah. Depressing is right.

    Good to see you’re still blogging.

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