Review: “Taming the Wind”

I’ve never done this, but couldn’t help it. The film in question is just a sweet, sweet video that I had to do a review on what I’ve learned in a just a few practice sessions.

Below is my video review of the fly casting DVD “Taming the Wind: Prescott Smith Reveals His Secrets & New Techniques for Casting Into the Wind.”

A breakdown of the basic techniques covered in Mr. Smith’s instructional DVD, and the benefits of this revolutionary casting style. Though this DVD has been out for a while, I’d heard very little about it. So, I bought it, watched it, studied it, practiced the techniques, and used it to help teach a brand new fly caster. Guess what: IT WORKS! I really wish I’d found this DVD years ago. I KNOW I’d have gotten better faster.

Even though I cover some basic stuff in it, there’s plenty more there, trust me. Do yourself a favor and find a copy. Doesn’t matter where we are–the river, the lake, the beach, or on the flats–the wind is our biggest challenge…rise to the challenge with the movie.

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  • Fred Langford

    I would like a DVD of Taming the Wind by Prescott Smith. Can you help me find a copy? Thanks
    Fred Langford

  • Reply

    Oh, and so would a better camera that actually shoots HD video… but that’s in the future for now.

  • Reply

    Dude, black lights?!! You’re blowing my mind… but I love that idea.

  • natew

    nice bro. Throw an orange line? Looking forward to your visit. Dip the line in tide laundry detergent and cast in front of black lights next time! This would make it easy to do line energy analysis.

  • Reply

    Thanks, bro. Wasn’t sure if it was clear or not, but had to publish something about it. (I was trying to give a straightforward explanation of everything, but was constantly interupted by the dudes playing frizbee, walking their dogs, or the freakin Goodyear blimp that (very very slowly) flew over just as I was getting going.)

    Anyways, the casting at the beginning and end of the clip is as close as I can currently get to his style of casting… and–just from an asthetic standpoint–I’d have to say it’s much better than my normal casting. Plus it works. Learn this stuff and I (almost) guarantee that you’ll cast better in the wind, more accurately overall, and (probably) farther. What else is there?

  • Reply

    Man… I need to get that. Well done.

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