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    Dude, I’ve been blown. Trying to put together another vid, this time about Tarpon fishing. It’s been heavy on my mind of late, since I’ve been getting regular reports from the boys down in Southern FLA. Nutty. The stuff I’m working on is from last year’s trip, and I’ve got so much of it I still haven’t watched it all yet. Also still working on a title. Any ideas? Was thinking of something along the lines of SILVER something or other.

  • Aaron

    Nice, your getting better. i’ve been wanting to get out but the rivers have been blown. …..

  • sensitive soul

    so beautiful that we can share this world with such graceful creatures. seeing them swim so near your feet must be heart-pounding fun. this really reminds me how much i love animals.. fish, etc.

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    I’m digging it. Keep it up.

  • natew

    nice departure from normal fish porn. mmmm baby yellow yak sashimi
    Fished permit around the Content keys saterday. one nice shot @ a solid fish. Full day in 20-25, but not big wind big….video material as we saw no other fish all day. think with the full moon they are on the wrecks and reefs copulating. three weeks ago same cat i fished with saw 30+ fed 4 and caught one? wtf. it was really funny, the first fly i picked from alex’s box he said “be careful that is a luck fly. i think it has caught like 4 fish.” needless to say i put it back and chose one with less sentimental value.
    keep the fun rolls coming

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