New Flatswalker Short Film: “The Wolf & the Fox”

“Flatswalker’s Journal, March 2010. We descend into paradise to look for the Grey Fox, but we also find a wolf…”

Do it yourself (DIY) fly fishing leads to an unusual discovery for this small group of anglers at an undisclosed location in the Caribbean. Barracudas (the Wolf) are on the attack and bonefish (the Grey Fox) scatter everywhere. Nevermind, they leave that flat well alone and continue their search for bonefish on the flats… and they find some.

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    Thanks for the kind words… gotta admit, still have lots of trouble with transitions between one scene/story/vignette, and the next. Gotta work on that. I had a sweet ass tune for the “slapstick” stuff (which wasn’t cut so goofy at the time), but it just seemed too dramatic. I mean, it’s not like my buddy just wandered out there and hooked a bonefish in like 6 inches of water. I wanted it to be obvious he had to work at it.

  • sensitive soul

    sweet music choices btw.. maybe first impression wasn’t all that spot on.

  • sensitive soul

    Oh the drama, the drama! 🙂
    I thoroughly got a kick out of the narrations in this vid. Images, slow motion, and speed ups – great.
    The black and white with the Django Reinhardt didn’t blend as well with the rest of the vid.. went from max drama to charlie chaplin slapstick comedy.. and then right back to the drama.
    Overall very moving piece.. I smiled, I laughed.. and felt those silly warm fuzzies about successfully catching and releasing the fox.

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