Tarpon Season’s Comin’…

The 'Old' New Skiff... before the overhaul

The 'Old' New Skiff... before the overhaul

And We Don’t Have A Freakin’ Skiff!

Yup, tarpon season is just around the corner and our brains are heating up along with the weather. Just got this little piece of mental clusterflop from good old Nate “Dubya” down in Tavernier Key. I can’t figure whether to call the Bureau of Mental Health, just feel sorry for him, or start stressing out myself that this tarpon season may find us skiff-less. Read and enjoy.

So I have figured out some things down here.  I don’t think the carbon guy has his shit together to spend that sort of loot on his product.  “Some” is the operative word here [as in, let’s do “some” of what we should to have a nice skiff].  Damn it!  Is skiff construction a winter Olympic sport?

If I knew some of the right answers here I would find the motivation to work on it more at night.  Instead I dream I am sanding fiberglass in the nude.  I know it’s not smart but I keep on grinding.  I do however have a respirator on.  Horrific stress dream, man. I just don’t want to waste my energies or miss a tarpon season.  I think I have misplaced some of my energies lately, and I know I left it near my sanity somewhere? What do you think, Mr. WindKnot?

Dolphin marine has some goodies to be bought for cash:

  • Old school poling platform: single pipe from the transom with a “Y” or split with two steps.  We will build an insert like the last boat, as opposed to a mount on top cap.  (Hope to score this for no more than $200.00.)  It also allows us to choose our desired platform height and gives the room to steer a tiller.  Not as stable as I would like it to be, but neither is my life at this point… so why not?
  • Slam hatch for the transom replacing the circular access to the bilge.  Like the one on the old skiff. $20.00???
  • 27-gallon fuel tank?  I can’t find one that works with her dimensions or my dementia.  It would take the whole space forward.  They are [freakin’] seven inches tall.  They put carpet on top of them.  They have a baffle but not a great one.  I am skeptical about this and wonder if they were not pulled for this reason.  Plus, that’s a lot of fuel. They have temp ones, but I would rather put a perm one in and glass in the step up to support the span of the cap above.
  • Spray rails @ $44.00 apiece. (A steal.) They’re pre drilled and counter sunk and the Keys people quote $190.00 for the job.
  • Rubrail, end cap and insert for $130.00… a fair deal and we know it is the right one.
  • The tiller?  I have been looking on ebay, but no one can seem to tell me exactly what I need.  It cost around $600 new from Dolphin.

[And, after all that there’s still] the trailer.  It has no title. And is a royal pain in the scrotum to register it as “homemade”. [It’s gotta be] weighed, certified, serial numbered, and $200 bucks for taxable worth.  Is it worth it to refit it with new tires, hubs, and bearings? This shit is stressing me out. [I mean,] do I glass the rigging holes or put pie covers?

Tell me if this scheme is nuckin flagrently fucin crazy or smart and nifty/resourceful?

[Wait,] do I put the battery up front?… did you know all the fish froze to death?… L.E.D. lights on the trailer?… paint a tarpon on the entry?… shit, flush mount push pole holders?… composite electric trim tabs or bennett sports?


About the Author:

Nate "Dubya" Releasing a Tavernier "Poon"

Nate "Dubya" Landing a Keys "Poon"

Mr. Nate “Dubya” runs a successful/struggling/booming/busting business building sweet-ass shit for rich people in the Florida Keys. In his spare time — which he has none of — he a fish-a-holic… recently inducted into the close-knit (yet suspicious) brotherhood of fly fishing tarpon fanatics. A self taught scholar of the flats, tropical architecture, and interior design, he hopes to one day finish rebuilding his own tropical home and have a functional skiff to wet a line on the fabled flats in his (freakin’) backyard (for goodness’ sake). (He has also promised to one day visit the author of this blog and cast flies at little bonefish in my backyard, but I’m not holding my breath.)

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  • sensitive soul

    Ha! Well, I am sure there are a lot of people you know who may have drawings of you on couches. You must not see the email addresses for each person who comments.

  • Reply

    Holy Shit… I just realized who you are. Crazy!

  • sensitive soul

    WindKnot has been hanging out on couches since ~at least~ ’93. I probably have a drawing around somewhere of just that. 😉

  • sensitive soul

    homemade trailer.. has no title.. hilarious..
    What did we ever do before big manufacturers came along and made everything for us!? Really sounds like state govt doesn’t like independents making their own stuff.

  • Reply

    That, my friend is almost true… I lived on your couch during YOUR first few years of college. I had already graduated and was merely trying to pass myself off as a college student in order to pick up chicks (which never worked out, by the way, mostly because you were my roommate. Thanks for being the competition.)

  • natew

    you forgot to mention you lived on my couch at some point during your first 5 years of college?

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