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“Our tradition is that of the first man who sneaked away to the creek when the tribe did not really need fish.”
~Roderick Haig-Brown, A River Never Sleeps, 1946.

“And anyone who thinks I brag is stating that I understand fish-thought is obviously ignorant of the way in which fish think. Believe me, it’s nothing to brag about.”
~David James Duncan, The River Why, 1983.

“Imagine the permit coming out of a deep-water wreck by the pull of moon and tide, riding the invisible crest of the incoming water, feeding and moving by force of blood, only to run afoul of an asshole from Connecticut.”
~Thomas McGuane, Ninety-two in the Shade, 1973.

For those of us without a trust fund (to bankroll frequent trips to the equatorial regions), winter is the time to catch up on the flytying, clean your tackle, tie leaders, and live vicariously through the printed word. In case you’ve forgotten, some of those words still come on this stuff called “paper”. So, unplug, mute the mobile phone, pour yourself a glass of your favorite treat and read a little.

Just ran across this link on a comment on a post on the Fly Fish Chick blog. (Wow, there’s something you wouldn’t have heard 10 years ago.) It’s a list of 158 fly fishing books — heavy on the literature and sparse with the how-to types. Good stuff.

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  • Reply

    Hearing that makes me feel even more warm and fuzzy: knowing that this is one of the blogs that you take the time to read.

    Thanks again for the encouraging comments.

  • sensitive soul

    I use Visual Bookshelf on Facebook to track my books. Goodreads looks like a very similar site. I’ve spent more time with my nose in textbooks lately, little time for pleasure reading.. just a few blogs and the daily news. 😉

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