Catching Bonefish is Easy.

August 3, 2007

Catching bonefish on your own is easy. Just spend hundreds of days on the water, casting at everything that moves: jacks, pinfish, needle-fish, barras, mullet and boxfish; divine their locations from the mysterious cycle of the moon; stalk the flats for sunburned days — scurrying in the mud like a bonefish yourself  — trying to figure just what they’re feeding on; tie an imitation, cast it just so, twitch it just right, and bang, fish on. Easy. Nothing to it.

Or, like one of my recent clients, you can drive to a random place in a country you’ve never visited before, walk a strange beach, see a shark and (for reasons I hesitate to speculate on) assume that means bonefish are around, tie on a shrimp fly – thinking all the while it’s a crab imitation – cast it out there and hook a nice bone… that you don’t instantly snap off but land a few minutes later after a series of thrilling forays into your backing. Release it and cast out there again because, sure, the rest of the school hasn’t cleared out for Cuba yet – but never mind, you’ll catch another one anyways.


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  • Reply

    Tyler! Dude, where the hell you been. I just got done watching some of the footage from last year’s trip to the Keys. Sick. I still haven’t watch it all yet (there was a $#!t load) but I’m digging through it and will throw together another vid here pretty soon.

    As for this year, you bet your ass I’m coming down… gonna upgrade to a #10 this time though. 😉 You know what I’m talking about: good old Pancho held up good, but was a little light for those monsters.

    Hope to see you there and toss a line together again.

  • TylerH

    Oh Snap!

    Whats good D!? Hows that project coming?
    Summer in the Keys? I am doing it big this year, and I know BJ is down after his stay in the sand! Hope you can make it! If the key’s aren’t in the cards, we got some other plans as well.

    I was able to hit Costa couple weeks back… sick!.

    Give me a shout,


    P.s…. Sick blog.

  • Vince

    Just wanted to say that your blog is so good, that it makes mine suck. Take it down (to the public), and keep posting and just send it out on an email list! Simply awesome bro! Would love to talk with you and send you some swag. Shoot me an email!

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