Fashionably Late & Interesting

I must be slipping; can’t believe I missed Interesting Friday’s… actually, I just wasn’t in the frame of mind to come up with another three original lines. Good news, however, the wait is over.


His double-haul is so sharp,
you can get whiplash just by watching.

His fishing journal has been listed as classified
until the next ice-age, or he retires…
either way, you’ll never read it.

His fish never actually get away,
he’s just letting ’em off with a warning.

He is… the most interesting guide in the world.

“I don’t always get to fish myself, but when I do I prefer bonefish.
Stay salty, my friends.”

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    Not bad, not bad. LOVE the last one. Beauty. Glad you enjoy them.

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    He is such a stealthy wader
    you didn’t notice he’s been standing behind you,
    for an hour.

    All of his knots are 300% knots.

    He has never said “here fishy fishy”

    Even his tailing loops would look better than your best casts,
    if he ever had tailing loops.

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