Jumpin’ Tarpon with the Boys

From last year’s tarpon trip. That’s BarJack on the fish and Nate W. on the leader. Your’s truly is behind the lens. We hooked several that day but this is the only one we brought to the boat… and Mr BarJack spanked that poon in under 15… just like he does every time.

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    Main reggae tune is “Rasta Awake”, by Army. You can hear more of them on i-grade radio (do a search). There are some podcasts and other downloads available of some sweet reggae stuff.

    (BTW that was in the credits)

  • AngryDave

    Who’s doing the soundtrack?

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    Yeah, tarpon fishing is pretty much one of the most addicting things you can do with a flyrod. I can’t get enough. We have plenty of smaller tarpon down here (Cayman) but there’s nothing like fishing the migration in the Florida Keys: big fish in clear, shallow water on little flies and long leaders. Oh, yeah.

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    Wow! Great fish. It is on my list of fish to catch.
    Tight lines

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