“Welcome to…

the desert of the real.” Those words ring in my mind (after a recent viewing of the legendary film) as my plane touched down at (an undisclosed location) in the midwest. Smokestacks bristled below and the air, once we exit to the jetway, smells like someone has been cooking old socks. Ah, back to the grind.

The quiet waters of the flats seem a world away and I try to hold on to the memories as long as I can. Of course, any such attempt is vain, as it turns out. There is something about this place that makes it seem like you’ve always been here. In a few minutes I’ll be tossing my duffel on the floor of the old apartment — to remain unpacked for the next week except for the occasional quick rifle for fresh socks — and going to the fridge hoping there’s ice in the freezer and something to eat.

The TV, of course, hasn’t worked since the much awaited digital transition (though I foolishly held out hope for a while and it wasn’t until I spent a few sweating minutes in the attic reading the box the thing came it that I admit that I am now without a functional boob-tube). Probably best, I tell myself, I’ve got a lot to do without sitting senseless in front of a glowing box. I could tie flies, update the old website, start that blog I’ve been meaning to or (for goodness sake) actually finish my Thesis and graduate. Guess which one I’ve opted for.

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  • sensitive soul

    It’s very well written, descriptive storytelling. It shows a unique blend of voice and perspective with the clearly written standard-english inner monologue compared to the island-speak dialogue.

    I like to read works that bring me into the locale, especially where ever I am living at the time. It’s encouraging to know that even locals have difficulty catching fish. Fishing is definitely on my bucket list.

    I see now I should have listed my name as sensitive sole..

  • Reply

    Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it. Nice to know I’ve got readers out there that aren’t in the fly fishing community. Gives me the warm fuzzies, you know? As for learning how to fish, you should… fly fishing. There’s just so much too it besides the actual fishing part.

    Out of curiosity, as a non-fisher, what do you find interesting about this stuff? I’d love some feedback from someone on the outside.

    Thanks in (hopeful) advance,

  • sensitive soul

    Like your blog.. I’ve been reading for a while.. makes me want to learn how to fish..

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